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We would like you to become as successful as our business has become. Therefore, we are offering effective, low-cost advertising space.

You can place your banner for one low annual fee on the home page of our site. We also will be able to provide you with exposure on additional pages upon request.

Placing your banner on our site has many advantages. For instance, placing your ad on our site includes the following benefits:

  • High Page Rank-Our site is search engine optimized for maximum visibility on major search engine lists. Your ad is likely to be seen by as many as 1,000,000 visitors per month.
  • Noticeable Banner Display-Your banner will be displayed in clear view on one of the best spots of our home page. If you request, we will also be able to add your banner in prominent locations on other pages.
  • Low-Cost Home Page Placement-One of our advertisement deals includes home page placement for only £20 a month. You can even save even more on advertising costs if you purchase our yearly banner promotion package. This annual package is available for only £150 per year.
  • Flexible Design: You can design your own banner or have a professional make it for you. Then, you submit it to our site. We approve most banner designs within a few days.

We are fortunate to have come as far as we have in our business. That is why we are so willing to help others succeed. Please view the next couple of sections, as they include very important information about placing banners on our site.

Helpful Banner Ad Design Tips

  • Co-ordinate the colors of your ad. The color scheme of your banner and logo should make sense. It should also one that can blend into the pages of our site.
  • Us Professional-Quality Images. You can create a logo image for your banner in a variety of ways. One of these ways is to use both photo art and graphic art designs. All these designs should be of professional quality.
  • Use a Catchy Phrase. Sometimes your business name alone says enough about what you do, but sometimes it does not. If you think of the right word or phrase to use with your banner it will cause site visitors to click on it.
  • Use Clean Language. We accept “funny” or “cute” ads as long as they do not violate general decency codes. If you have any question about what would be acceptable language for an ad please contact us.

We believe in you, our clients who have helped make us a success. That is why we encourage you every step of the way during the process of consideration for ad space. Our standards are very simple.

However we never turn away any question you would have. We encourage you to contact us with any interest you have in receiving banner space on our site.

Banner Submission Guidelines

We prefer a banner ad submission of 200x90. However, if you contact us we may have other spaces available. We encourage you to check your banner over for mistakes before you submit it to us.

If you want, you can also submit a banner created from designs of your site pages. If your banner is already created please feel free to send it now for review. We will contact you and inform you of any suggested changes that need to be made.

We look forward to providing you with advertising space. If you are ready to submit your banner, please use the form provided below.

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