Customer Testimonials

“They always have the right size of vehicle for my travel needs. I also like the fact that they always have enough luggage space every time I ride with them. My driver was very nice and I hope I can hire her again.”

~Kasey-Newport, UK Traveler

“Gatwick Airport Taxi Services tracked my flight, which happened to show up early in the airport. Regardless of the change in travel plans, they were still able to send a car their when my plan finally landed at the airport. I was quite a relieved of this fact, as I was concerned at first whether or not I was going to have to wait an hour for them to show up. They track all the flights and that is how they were able to do this.”

~Richard-USA Junior Executive

“The customer service staff of this company was very courteous when I called them. The drivers were also very nice, and they drove with care. I also like the fact that the drivers dressed very professional. This helped my confidence live in dealing with my clients who rode with me for part of the trip. I was convinced that they were the right company to use from the moment I talked to a representative on the phone. ”

~Rowan-London, UK Advertising Executive

“My driver was waiting for me at the time of my plan arrival as well as the time of my plane departure. Furthermore, I received front-door service to all my pick-up and drop-off locations where I attended local meetings. I recommend this taxi service to numerous other people in the six months that I have used this company.”

~Shelby-Belfast, UK Sales Person

 “Gatwick Airport Taxi Services drove me safely and carefully to every customer meeting, corporate dinner, and company event this entire year. I am proud to say that I have used this company for this long already. This airport taxi service has never let me down. I can rely on them for a trip of any distance. Also, they use the latest models of executive vans and cars.”

~Brandon-Newport, UK Team Leader

“I am glad that I listened to my associate when he said to call upon this service. My experience with this company is far better than any with a competitor. I will recommend this group to all my current and future team members.”

~Annette-Ripon, UK Account Manager

“As busy as I am I do not need any more hassles. Therefore, I am happy that this company made my trip hassle-free. I am considering the possibility of using this company for all my transport needs in the future.”

~Darnell-Wakefield Business Consultant

“The Gatwick Airport Taxi Services was way easier to use than I expected. I am glad I choose this company rather than another. I also am glad I used it instead of the courtesy shuttle. I like the personalised treatment that I have received from this company, and I
am pleased with the choice of vehicles this company has.”

~Arthur-Landcaster, UK

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